The Curse of Strahd

Mist… Mist surrounds the horizon on all sides. The grey sky is unchanging until clouds envelop the space over and extend the mists to the sky. rain begins to fall and it dawns on our adventurers that they are trapped within the magical mists of Barovia.

Our adventuring party has taken on the Devil strahd once before and his servants assail them from all sides. who can they trust in towns across the valley, how are they going to find their way out of the mists and what is really luring around the next bend in the road.

Here, a group of 6 Adventurers Aldalómë (Scott), Baelor (Luke F), Glod (Todd), Mordecai (Robbie), Titania Blazebloom (Jess), and Yavelda (Eleanor) meet fortnightly to work their way through the towns of Barovia attempting to free these people from the oppressive eyes of Strahd von Zarovich. We are using this site to record information, locations seen and also particularly interesting events in the hope of entertaining ourselves, practice our narrative writing and generally revel in the greatness that is D&D. My name is Luke McPhan, the GM of this game, and I hope that if anyone stumbling by flips through the logs or Wiki here you get a few laughs and some interesting reading about our world.


Curse of Strahd _ Sydney