Curse of Strahd _ Sydney


Glod's Journal

We been in Barovia for almost a full day now and I think it might well be best to start writing in this here writing book in case one of these ghoulies finally gets the best of us.

Over some drinks and dancing and the suchlike, some fine travelling folk invited us to their little old town of Barovia to sort out some quarrel with a local lord, ‘Baron von Pansy,’ or something. He sounded like a nasty one and, not being cowards, we agreed to come with them. Right off something seemed off. For one, they all preferred wine to ale! I’m not one to turn down a drink, but how’s a dwarf to quaff without a decent pint?!

We met the traveller’s wise old lady who showed us a few magic cards and warned us of the future. I didn’t quite understand their meaning but it sounded important so I just nodded my head and hoped one of the smarties knew what was happening. We also visited the local priest who was a bit of a weirdy, what with locking his boy in a basement and everything. To each their own though, so we let him be and went for a wander back to the tavern. The wine wasn’t so bad after all….

On the way, we met a few kiddies who seemed all out of sorts. They said there was a monster in their basement and, not being ones to turn down a good fight we ran on in, leaving Al’s wolf to take care of the wee kiddies. The house was all manner of creepy what with secret passageways (filled with traps and treasure as good secret passageways should) and old paintings. We also had a bit of a ruckus with a magic suit of armour. Don’t ask me how it works but the ghostie that was running the thing packed a wallop! But in the end, Mordecai pushed it down the stairs and we got the bugger. After a brief tussle with a broom (don’t ask) and a real mean ghostie lady we found a locked room. This being an offensive notion to a dwarf like me, we busted the door down to find what looked like a the kiddie’s room, with the kiddie’s in it but all skeletony, ye ken? Turns out the little ones we met outside are ghosties as well, but nice enough in their own way so I reckon we’ll still help them out.

It’s time to go downstairs and take care of this monster we’ve heard so much about. It should be a hell of a fight, so I’ll drink the last of my wine, finish writing our story and it’s time to get on with it!


l_mcphan l_mcphan

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