Curse of Strahd _ Sydney

In the wake of haunted homes

Journal of Aldalómë

13th day of Summertide 1492 DR, Village of Barovia

We have much to learn about this town of Barovia, and the things lurking in it.

Stubborn is the only word suiting… This party, or those left of us, will not survive long if we continue to make the same poor decisions we made this night. The rogue, Aegon, is lucky that it was that damned Shambler, and not the butt of my axe that knocked him down. Perhaps this experience may see him act a little more decently. Little has endeared me to the thief, and I have only shown him mercy in bringing him here for the good of the party. We are only few, and need all the hands we can get.

That said, thePriest Donovan has been successful in reviving Aegon – However, I do not think it was Donovan’s Sun deity that decided Aegon was worth a second chance; The priest’s ritual did not seem effective. Rather, Aegon’s life was seemingly restored alongside an unnatural appearance of ravens surrounding the chapel. It’s not something that I’ve ever experienced before… he seems weak, disorientated. The ravens almost seemed to speak to him, but he’s not talking. Time will tell what this all means for his future. A close eye must be kept on this rogue, not that I hadn’t already been suspicious of his shadowy ways.

On the other hand – our new companion, the good Paladin Titania, has received no such intervention; Resting lifeless on the altar, subject to Donovan’s chant. We’ve known her only a day, but she will make a worthy member of our party should her patron Tritherion return her to us.

The priest told us to leave him to his prayers, and has offered us shelter within the chapel’s rooms.

It’s hard to sleep… the priest’s boy screams for food. Part of me wants to investigate but for now we need Donovan’s favour. Tonight’s melee keeps playing through my head, and I can’t help but feel we’d all be resting easy tonight, had we taken my suggestion and abandoned that forsaken house of death. Madame Eva’s foretelling of a ‘house of ghosts and corruption’ seems rather fitting for our ordeal, but only time will tell if the seer’s cards hold any bearing on our path.

Tael keeps spotting birds through the hole in roof. We’ll take shifts to get some shut-eye… we’ve learnt to get our sleep in worse places than this.


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