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On the Road again

Journal of Aldalómë

15th day of Summertide 1492 DR, The Slavich Road

We depart for Tser Pool with Ireena on the Slavich Road, leaving Ismark to tend to his new duties as the interim Burgomaster.

Not far into the half-day of walking ahead of us, Tael picked up something to the side of the road – a body, dead maybe a week. His clothes that of a messenger, and in his hand a letter. I read with haste – and concern – as the letter describes that Ireena, our very charge, has been bitten by a Vampyr – as reported by the Burgomaster we buried just yesterday.


I share it only with Mordecai. I feel he can be trusted with secrets, and can handle the weight of such knowledge – but also hope his eyes may be keen enough to spot any dangers pertaining to it. I hope I’ve made the right decision.

Slipping the letter into my boot, I spot Tael standing in the muddy animal prints of what might have brought about this young man’s end, much larger than his own. And with that observation, the howls announcing ambush echoed between the thick trees of the forest.

Turning to face the closest howl, I reacted to the sight of a large direwolf with a swift arrow. Hitting it’s mark, the beast was unmoved, still snarling with readiness. Four more beasts surrounded the party – Glod and Yevelda charged into the melee, their weapons smashing blood and lupine teeth across the muddy ground.

It seems I picked the wrong wolf to wound, in the next moment I found myself on my back. That first wolf, arrow embedded in its chest, had knocked me down with it’s sturdy forelimbs. Tael knew what to do and courageously went for the much larger animal’s hind, the distraction enough for me to find my feet.

I quickly turned to survey the field, finding the rest of the party all locked with wolves, Ireena too. Aegon was running off after a limping beast. Tael, spotting an opportunity looked to a direwolf on my left. I nodded my approval and he leapt up on the mane of the direwolf, taking a bite right into the beast’s neck.

Tael’s instinct was good, but his eagerness to deal a death blow to his target saw him flung off with a great force in reaction. The blow knocked all of the wind out of him, so I dug into a roll to help him up. Glod appeared on my flank to deal a blow to the larger wolf, and I took the opportunity to utter the healing words taught to me by my grandfather; restoring some vitality back into my faithful companions’ body.

Standing over Tael, giving him a moment to shake off his hit, I loosed another two arrows and the ambush was over… except for Aegon’s quarry… evading all attacks from the rogue. He eventually fell, I’m not sure if it was by Aegon’s dagger or just fatigue. Either way, my attention was with Tael, his ears pricking up at the sound of more wolves in the distance.

We headed back to the relative safety of the road to continue our journey to Tser Pool


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